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2018 the year of green developments

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

We continue to make improvements to the green and surrounds and aspire to create facilities that our members are proud to be associated with.

14th April 2018

Another busy morning on the green. Cut and added a slow release fertiliser and nitrogen additive. Looking and bowling very well in the centre of the green with a little more work needed arround the edges.

6th April 2018

Green spiked and cut again, biomass sugar and liquid seaweed applied.

25th March 2018

The Green again was aerated, and cut in two directions. fertisliser applied and old benches removed. The flower planters are now installed and are ready to be planted.

25th March 2018.

Second soil analysis results are in.

17th March 2018

Another productive morning despite the snow and cold winds, the green was scarified and cut in tow directions. the remaining 4 benches were installed .

14th March 2018

Results from the first soil analysis were in and awaiting the results from the second samples.

10th March 2018

The volunteers were out again allthough not as cold as last week, Such a positive week for the green having completed the soil samples and sending them off for proffesional analysis, The green was also Aerated and 3 further benches were installed.

4th March 2018

Our small team of volunteers braved cold and snowy conditions to install our new seating arround the green completing the installation of 3 new benches.

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